IWCI provides routine water testing services, chemical treatment, and equipment to commercial and industrial facilities

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Founded in 1981.
We remain a family-owned business and service clients throughout Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina.


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Repairing leak on tower

We visit your facility weekly, monthly or as needed in order to maintain the proper control limits for your water treatment program. We handle the application and reordering of chemical, water testing analysis, equipment inspections, and provide service reports after each visit.


After analyzing your makeup water, we develop a chemical treatment plan that will best protect your systems against corrosion, scaling, and biological growth. Our leading Synergy chemical products can be purchased without a service agreement and we always keep a wide variety of other chemicals and products in stock.

Multiple cooling towers

Legionella is a type of bacteria found in both potable and nonpotable water systems. Water droplets containing Legionella can be aerosolized through cooling towers, faucets, fountains, etc. and cause Legionnaires’ Disease when inhaled.

Facilities that test for Legionella reduce their risk of an outbreak. We provide routine Legionella sampling and testing through a CDC ELITE certified lab and help establish water management plans. 

Automated control and feed system install

If you are looking for green pretreatment options or simply needing to replace old equipment, we can recommend the product that will best suit your needs. We have extensive training on operating and troubleshooting all major water treatment brands. 

Clients with an ongoing service agreement receive substantial discounts on equipment such as feed pumps, controllers, valves, softeners, etc.


If a more thorough water analysis needs to be performed for the diagnosis of problems, we can test water for metals, biological counts, and more.


It is important that building maintenance staff is trained on handling chemical and maintaining a safe work environment. We conduct on-site training for workers needing guidance on the treatment program.

Pouring two solutions from beakers into a flask - should be easy to change the colors of the liquid(s) to suit your needs.

Are you flushing money down the drain? We have the latest in water treatment technology and environment-friendly options that save you both money and water.

Tower pipe section

Corrosion monitoring can help predict equipment life and pinpoint problems such as pitting. 

water chiller IWCI

Passivation is a crucial step often overlooked during startup and construction. Premature system failure can occur if a system is not properly passivated. By adding corrosion inhibitors with the initial introduction of water, a film is formed to to protect any exposed metal surfaces.  

Many systems also have extended layup periods in which the systems need to be cleaned, flushed, and re-passivated prior to the next season. IWCI can help make sure your systems remain protected.

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IWCI Green

Installing automated control and chemical feed stations can vastly reduce water usage. IWCI can provide assistance with design specifications for water softener installation and various pretreatment options that will help you save money, time, and water. 

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