Industrial Water Consulting is a water treatment service and supply company. We specialize in treatment applications for commercial and industrial cooling towers, boilers, and closed loop systems.

Since 1981, IWCI has remained a trusted service provider for facilities throughout Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Our focus is to maximize the efficiency and health of your HVAC equipment. We develop a chemical treatment plan that will protect your systems from scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth.

Cooling Towers
Closed Loops
Treatment Equipment



Service Programs

Depending on what you need, IWCI makes it easy to customize and bundle services. We offer annual full-service contracts that include all service visits, chemical, and testing for one fixed monthly rate. We also perform independent consulting services. Our consultants take specific steps to ensure environments are safe for facility personnel and limit the liabilities of plant owners/managers.

Chemical Treatment

After analyzing your makeup water, we develop a chemical treatment plan that will best protect your systems against corrosion, scaling, and biological growth. Our leading Synergy chemical products can be purchased without a service agreement and we always keep a wide variety of other chemicals and products in stock.



IWCI has extensive training on operating and troubleshooting all major water treatment brands. Clients with an ongoing service agreement receive substantial discounts on equipment such as chemical feed pumps, controllers, valves, water softeners, and more.

IWCI Green

Installing automated control and chemical feed stations can vastly reduce water usage. IWCI provides assistance with design specifications for water softener installation and various pretreatment options. Our goal is to help you save money, time, and water. 

controller chemical station