About Us

Industrial Water Consulting, Inc. (IWCI) has been servicing industrial and commercial clients for their cooling tower and boiler treatment needs since 1981. 
Our main competitors then, and many still today, focus on bulk chemical sales containing low concentrations of active ingredients. This approach necessitates high chemical usage and increases handling costs.
Diverging from the competition, IWCI’s founder applied his passion and knowledge in chemistry towards developing the Synergy chemical product line. Our Synergy products contain highly concentrated chemical blends that are effective and safe for use and handling.
By reducing the need for chemical, the key focus of our business is providing consistent and timely follow-up service and testing to clients.

In addition to our chemical treatment programs, IWCI provides routine on-site water analysis to ensure the systems are properly protected against corrosion, scaling, and biological growth. Our consultants also provide product recommendations and help improve the efficiency and overall health of the cooling/heating equipment.


Our philosophy at IWCI emphasizes consistent and timely follow up service and testing, which is crucial for a successful water treatment program. We invest in ongoing AWT training to ensure proper facilitation of your treatment program. IWCI offers full-field capabilities to help deliver a comprehensive, single accountability source for your program. 



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