Industrial Water Consulting, Inc. (IWCI) was established in 1981 and remains a local, family-owned business serving clients throughout Indiana and Ohio.



Our philosophy emphasizes consistent and timely followup service and testing rather than bulk chemical sales. We bundle service, testing and chemical into one fixed annual fee. You establish your own billing frequency. Chemical is included at cost in our annual service plan, allowing us to direct more resources towards better service and monitoring solutions.


Our water treatment programs incorporate industry best practices for heat transfer efficiency, equipment longevity, maintenance costs, health and safety risks, and environmental impact. Once your program is established, we regularly perform efficiency studies and review report data for opportunities to minimize water usage and energy costs.


Each IWCI consultant has at least 15 years of experience in the water treatment industry and is highly knowledgeable of water chemistry and microbiology. Our consultants receive ongoing training through AWT (Association of Water Technologies) and follow guidelines set forth by OSHA, ASHRAE, EPA, CDC, and other industry-leading authorities.


It is our duty to protect the health and safety of building occupants and technical personnel as related to water treatment and chemical handling. We provide instructions on basic water chemistry and safety training to facility personnel. Our consultants abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws, and are OSHA trained and certified.


Our liquid and solid chemical blends contain high concentrations of premium quality ingredients to help reduce chemical handling and restocking costs. We use products that are EPA approved and provide consistent protection against scale, corrosion and biological growth in systems.


Substantial discounts are given on equipment in order to make improvements in existing control and chemical feed systems. Internet communication options are available to connect your controller with a cloud-based monitoring service to give you 24/7 remote access to your water treatment program.


We understand issues may arise between our regularly scheduled service visits. Emergency service calls or visits to repair or troubleshoot equipment, restock chemical, or address system issues are included free with your annual service plan. Our consultants are assigned specific service territories so they can arrange for same-day service if needed.


During our service visits, external equipment is monitored and checked. We also make routine chemical checks on your entire system and administer water tests to verify that the program is being maintained within proper control ranges. We often utilize an independent AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory to confirm that the program is working.


With ever-growing advancements in technology and control processes, there are affordable options that can be easily implemented to conserve water. We help many clients install water softeners and other pretreatment equipment in order to operate at higher cycles, which reduces the amount of blowdown and makeup water required.


Our philosophy at IWCI emphasizes consistent and timely follow up service and testing, which is crucial for a successful water treatment program. We draw upon years of experience in knowing when and how to implement monitoring procedures to ensure efficient operation of your systems, as well as limiting the liability of both mechanical breakdowns and potential health hazards in your facility.

We invest in ongoing training to validate proper facilitation of your treatment program. IWCI offers full field capabilities to help deliver a comprehensive, single accountability source for your program.



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