IWCI's Synergy liquid chemical line provides consistent protection against corrosion, scaling, and biological growth in systems.

Our team has extensive experience and training on the proper chemical additives to be used in your system. We take into account the water properties and specific operating parameters of each system to give you complete protection.


“The action of two or more agents working together to produce an effect greater than the combined effect of the same agents used separately.”


Anti-foam for cooling tower operations.

An all-in-one scale and corrosion inhibitor proven very effective in controlling scale deposition.

A multi-functional blend of molybdenum, corrosion and scale inhibitors combined with an effective dispersing agent for protection on mild steel and copper applications. This product is designed for alkaline recirculating waters with or without the addition of acid for pH control.

A highly effective dispersant containing an amine, amide, and nonionic surfactant. Removes organic deposits and helps clean heavily fouled systems.

A low-dose biocide that is highly synergistic with halogens. Excellent for cleaning extremely fouled systems.

Biocide applications in cooling towers and decorative fountains.

An easy-to-handle non-oxidizing biocide effective in controlling algae, bacteria and fungi in cooling towers. It controls slime-forming bacteria and fungi in heat exchangers and is non-foaming.

A stabilized bromine-based oxidizing biocide used to control biofilm deposits. It is also used as fungicide, algicide, slimicide, and microbiocide. 


A multi-functional blend of corrosion inhibitors combined with an alkalinity booster to prevent corrosion in steel/copper hot water or chilled water closed loop systems. It is also very effective in low makeup boilers.

Highly concentrated liquid hexametaphosphate with USDA approval for steam/food contact. It effectively provides scale and corrosion control over a wide range of applications. The product functions as a precipitation agent for the conditioning of contaminants in boiler feedwater.

A 40% DEAE solution very effective for steam line corrosion control.

Liquid sulfite used for oxygen scavenging. 

All-in-one blend of scale and corrosion inhibitors designed to help clean boilers and pass deposits in large makeup situations.

A molybdenum-based treatment very effective in controlling corrosion in steel/copper hot water or chilled water closed loop systems. It is also very effective in low makeup boilers.

We care about the quality of our chemicals

Go Green with Solid Chemical Products

IWCI is a Distributor of solid water treatment technology products. These products contain the same chemical ingredients as our liquid products, but come in one gallon containers as a solid concentrate. 

Advantages of switching to a solids approach?

For Your Environment

For Your Budget

For Your People

If your facility has concerns over personnel safety and sustainability, switching to a solid chemical program may be a good solution.


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