IWCI offers an extensive selection of water treatment equipment for system pre-treatment, automation, chemical feed and testing.


Our Synergy chemical products contain blends of scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, microbiocides, dispersants, amines, oxygen scavengers, anti-foams, and other active ingredients that help control corrosion, scaling, and biological growth in systems. Our chemicals are available in 5, 15, 30, and 55 gallon containers or bulk orders.

We often recommend Pulsafeeder’s selection of pumps which are easy to prime and offer simple, one-handed operation…no pulling, twisting, or holding of knobs. These pumps have three pressure relief settings for selecting optimum pressure. Best of all, these are low maintenance– the only service required is cleaning or replacement of diaphragms.

When it comes to controllers, our customers usually say “Give me a simple solution that works.” Our controller product family ranges from simple “bleed and feed” control to sophisticated multi-parameter requirements of larger systems. Our controllers are capable of properly administering cooling water control chemistry and remotely analyzing system performance.

Corrosion coupons are small, slender circular or rectangular pieces of metal (iron or copper) used to monitor the actual corrosion level in a water system. Our coupon racks are corrosion resistant and do not require wrenches for removing coupons. Coupon tests are a low cost, simple way to evaluate numerous materials and variations of a single material.

In chilled or hot water systems, deposits can foul heat transfer surfaces or cause pump seal damage. Bypass filters trap deposits that break loose from chemical treatment. The end result: pipes get clean and stay clean.

We offer a complete line of testing kits and reagents for your boiler/cooling system needs. Replacement parts and testing strips are readily available upon request.

Our pre-fabricated systems simplify installation and can be customized to your needs. Units come ready to operate with your control and feed equipment installed and pre-wired on a wall mounted panel that is uncluttered and easy to maintain.

All of our valves and programmable timers are selected for simplicity, durability, and serviceability. Whether the application is for cooling tower bleed, boiler blowdown, or biocide feed, we can provide the suitable solenoid or timer.

IWCI’s commercial water meters are proven for accuracy and dependability, such as the Neptune T-10 Direct Read Meter. Leaks can be detected at flow rates below 1/32 of a gallon and are impact-resistant.

Our softener products are pre-engineered and effective in applications where hard water conditions exist. Ranging from single to multi-tank systems, we customize your softening system with the correct valve fittings, piping, and controls. Ask us about our self-regenerating mixed resin bed systems.

Clients with an ongoing service agreement receive substantial discounts on equipment.

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