We offer on-site inspections after cooling tower cleanings and protocols for tower cleaning and safety.

Tower cleaning protocols and safety checklists


IWCI offers Legionella sampling and testing to reduce the growth and transmission of Legionella throughout building water systems. We adhere to CDC sampling protocols and our samples are analyzed in a CDC ELITE certified laboratory. After results are provided and discussed with the client, we can make any necessary adjustments to the water treatment program to prevent future outbreaks.

Product Guidance

We provide product recommendations based on the client’s desired application, price range, features, etc. Our consultants are fully trained on the operation and maintenance needs of all major water treatment brands. 

Product recommendations based on application, price range, features, performance
System design drawings for facilitation of new equipment installation

Design Drawings

For new equipment installation, detailed design drawings help facilitate the process.


Communication and transparency is crucial for a successful water treatment program. It is important that building maintenance staff is trained on conducting basic maintenance on its own systems, including periodic inspections of equipment and routine water testing between our service visits. IWCI can provide training to building maintenance staff on equipment calibration, troubleshooting, water testing, and application assistance if needed.

Corrosion coupon monitoring and analysis

Corrosion Monitoring

We provide corrosion coupon monitoring and analysis to many clients. It is a standard practice that is used to determine treatment effectiveness and predict maintenance needs. 


When water efficiency is a priority, building utility and water usage reduction surveys are performed.

Building utility and water usage reduction surveys
Electronic service reporting after each visit

Service Reports

An electronic service report is submitted after each visit detailing the tests and condition of the system(s).

Remote Monitoring

Controller integration and online connection at one or multiple sites gives you greater control over your system.

Controller integration and technology enhancement at one or multiple sites